10 most successful entrepreneurs in the UK

10 most successful entrepreneurs in the UK

 1.James Dyson; Company “Dyson”

Net value: 2.65 billion pounds (4.2 billion dollars)

Dyson his riches created thanks to inventions that improve the function of ordinary vacuum cleaner. James-DysonIt took 10 years to break into the UK market with his product – a vacuum cleaner that does not lose suction power.

Relying only on the salary of his wife, Dyson spent five years perfecting his “G-Force” concept which was rejected by every manufacturer in the UK. They feared that the new vacuum cleaner will remove from the market.However, until the early 90s, the “Òhe Dyson Dual Cyclone” became the fastest selling vacuum cleaner in the UK.Dyson set up his own production company and entered a team of millionaires. He stopped his innovation and new product “Dyson Airblades” aims to replace apparatus for drying hands in the toilets.

 2.Natalie Massenet; Company “Net-a-Porter”

Net Worth: £ 60m

Born in Los Angeles, she moved to London to be closer donejzinoto boy, just a month after meeting him at the Notting Hill Carnival. After disagreements about her work in the fashion magazine Tatler, Massenet starts working and creates Net-a-Porter.com. Site for luxury fashion, who sold brands such as Alexander McQueen, YSL and Proenza Schouler, was one of the first of its kind and one of the most successful in the 2000s.

Massenet sell a stake in the site of the Swiss company Richemont 50 million pounds of business worth 350 million pounds. She now heads the British Fashion Council and expanded nejzinioto online retail empire with TheOutnet.com and MrPorter.com.

3.Candy Brothers; Company “Candy & Candy”

Shared net worth 330 million pounds

Candy Brothers name has become synonymous with luxury property. Brothers Nick (left) and Christian (right) took an initial loan of 6,000 pounds (9,600 dollars) from their grandmother and started buying and renovating housing in London during their studies.

Eight years later he went into business with the Prime Minister of Qatar and built 86 luxury apartments in London’s Hyde Park, which created a new category of real estate “urban liksuz.” In 2010, they sold the most expensive in the world apartmen, “One Hyde Park” for 140 million pounds ($ 220 million). The brothers recently sold his luxury yacht for 39 million pounds. Ordered new in the meantime.


4.Steilos Haji-Ianou; Company “EasyJet”

Net worth: 1 billion pounds ($ 1.62 million)

Graduate of the London School of Economics, Stelios has transformed air travel in Europe with EasyJet. He founded the company in 1995, just 28 years old. Over the last 17 years, the airline based in Luton has become a major airports across Europe and is now spreading to the Middle East.

However, the company does best and go the last few years due to several problematic changes of directors and internal problems. The first flight of its pan-African company FastJet starts in November.

5.Sinclair Beecham; Company “Pret a Manger”

Net Worth: £ 95 million

Sinclair bechamel and his business partner, Julian Metcalfe opened the store making new modern sandwich “Pret a Manger” in north London. Although strategically placed opposite the main metro station in London “London Underground’s Hampstead”, for a year they were forced to close. Later opened a shop near the station London Victoria Station, and in 2001 McDonald’s buys their stake which is not controllable by the brand took him to New York, Paris and Hong Kong.

Burger chain is glorified in that offer fresh food from natural ingredients, and shops can now be found in many cities around the world including Hong Kong, Washington and Chicago. In 2008, the company was sold to the company “Bridgepoint” for the sum of 345 million pounds ($ 552 million).

6.Richard Branson; Company “Virgin Group”

Net worth: 3.4 billion pounds ($ 54 billion)Virgin

This person said there was no point to do their own business, unless it is because of the feeling of frustration, while selling vinyl records before church. Branson yet opened his own record store on Oxford Street in London, before he created Virgin brand. Now he has planes, trains a team of Formula One and British bank Northern Rock.

It was not easy for Branson. First his house burned to the Caribbean after being hit by lightning in 2011. Hurricane Irene still hit the building, were his 90-year-old mother and 29-year-old daughter. However, the next venture of Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which will carry tourists into space for the first time in the history of mankind. Tour will cost 200 thousand pounds.

 7.Tamara Mellon; Company “Jimmy Choo”

Net worth 180 million pounds

The daughter of an entrepreneur, Mellon approached shoe designer Jimmy Choo in 1996 and created a collection of luxury shoes. Brand in 2001, selling over 100 world famous companies including Harrods and Bergdorf Goodman. Mellon sold its share of the Australian group Labelux for 85 million pounds in November 2011.

It is rumored that he wanted to start our own line of shoes, according to her designs next year. She is also the ambassador of Great Britain to global trade and adviser of the ruling Conservative Party about how best to poddrzhzhuvaat SMEs.

 8.Simon Fuller; Company “19 Entertainment”

Net worth 375 million pounds ($ 598 million)

The man behind the Spice Girls and Pop Idol, defined popular culture over the last 16 years. Fuller has joined forces with producer of the hit Mamma Mia! and make the music of the Spice Girls. Viva Forever was hit, and his customers were Victoria Beckham and her former band.

Fuller has an interesting career – which is entering the film “Bel Ami” with Robert Pattinson. Its worth 100 million company “19 Entertainment”, where as a customer mentions and Lewis Hamilton, and many famous stars, has facilities in London, New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.

9.Serena Rees and Joseph Corre; Company “Agent Provocateur”

Net Worth: Serena Rees unknown, Joseph Kore 32 million pounds (2011)

Fashion is clearly in the blood of Joseph (pictured left) whose mother is British royal fashion icon Vivienne Westwood. He created the brand for luxury lingerie with his ex-wife Reese. TTaa was tired of seeing women wearing underwear boring and decided to do something about it. Favored by celebrities like Kate Moss fashion, Agent Provocateur was sold in 2007 for £ 60m of private company 3i.

10.Lord Alan Sugar;Company “Amstrad”

Net worth 730 million pounds ($ 116 million in 2010)

The face of the British TV show Apprentice, Alan Sugar is the ultimate “pauper” in this list. He famously started with 100 million pounds in 1967, but is now so rich that whole salary donated for “Great Ormond Street Hospital” in the section of the hospital intended for sick children. Despite his modest upbringing, Alan Sugar profiting from the success of his company for electrical appliances which formed in 1968.

Boy from east London perfectly take advantage of the computer boom in the late 80s and make millions of dollars by selling PCs. Shares in electrical goods company peaked at 1.2 billion pounds. Sell “Amstrad” of “BSkyB” in 2007 for 125 million pounds, but continues to make money in the market with properties. His autobiography is one of the top 10 best-selling in Britain.

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