Bled – Slovenian fairy

bled 3Bled is the perfect winter destination because it is close to ski centre Kobla, Vogel and Krvavec, so every day we could change the ski slopes. And ski pass are far cheaper than in neighboring Italy, Switzerland or Austria.

If you visit Bled, you will realize how nature was generous to the northwest of Slovenia. At first glance it seems that Bled is a small place and it is only a couple days to visit all the tourist attractions, but this is not true. The offer is diverse and around Bled there are many places worth visiting.

This romantic resort by the lake with its own island with a church located near the ski slopes Kobla, Vogel and Krvavec. It is good for winter tourism. To the Bled island comes with a traditional wooden boat, called hedge because cloth roof that protects passengers from the sun. Church on the island is known for its bell from 1534. It’s called Bell’s wishes.

According to legend, anyone who rang the bell this Mary to fulfill his desire.

From the old town stretches a superb view of the lake and the whole city with the surrounding area. In winter beautifully to combine their stay with skiing, sledding or skating, and in summer can be enjoyed in peace and quiet, nature, mountaineering and cycling. Across the city you can not afford a cab ride, which takes you back to the past.

Legend has it ..

Juliskite Alps glaciers centuries mourn the time when it was ruled by the huge mountain range. Their crystal tears, legend says, long descending in a small valley and so created the magical lake. At the lake lived Old Slavic goddess, while villas were those who cared not to change as a fairy tale nature. In 1004 the German king Henry II gave him the lake Albuin bishop and his followers built a monumental fort and palace of inaccessible ridge over the eastern coast. Thus originated the medieval town of Bled. Today Bled is a trademark of Slovenian tourism and the beauty of this area attracted people from all over Europe. Located 475 meters above sea level and is the ideal place for a holiday throughout the year. In summer the lake temperature reaches 24 degrees, so you can swim, and in the old city has arranged urban beach, surrounded by pastoral noise.

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