BREAKING: TERROR IN FLORIDA – ACTIVE SHOOTER On The Loose After Killing At Least Three People

A multi-state manhunt is under way for a man who killed three women and attempted to kill a fourth in the Florida panhandle.

Daily Mail reported that William ‘Billy’ Boyette, 44, is on the run with Mary Rice, 37, after he killed his ex-girlfriend, Alicia Greer, whose body was found last week along with that of Jacqueline Jeanette Moore.

Boyette and Rice reportedly then killed Peggy Broz, 52, and stole her vehicle, which they later abandoned.

The fourth victim is believed to be Kaila Crocker, who was shot Tuesday morning during a home invasion. Her car was stolen, but she survived her injuries and is recovering in the hospital.

Greer’s family told reporters that she had been dating Boyette since Thanksgiving, and their relationship had quickly gotten violent. Wayne Lane, Greer’s father, said that two weeks before his daughter’s death, “Boyette ‘choked her down to the ground, kicked her in the face, hit her in the head with an unopened two liter bottle of soda, so bad she had to have stitches in the top of her head, had to have an MRI of her skull.”

Greer was the mother of three children under 10 and had been staying with relatives in the days before her death. She agreed to meet with Boyette on the day of her death despite pleas from her family to ignore him.

“This man murdered my daughter so bad, and shot her so bad, that we cannot have an open casket for her,” said her mother, Kim Lane. “I can’t even see my daughter one more time ever again.”

Crocker, the latest victim, was discovered by a relative around 8am Monday morning after she suffered a gunshot wound. Thankfully, her 2 year-old son was unharmed.

Police say surveillance footage shows Boyette and Rice drive Crocker’s white Chevrolet Cobalt to a nearby gas station before eating at a Hardee’s Restaurant. The vehicle was later discovered abandoned in Escambia County.

“In short we have a killer, he is in our midst. Everyone, and I mean everyone, should be aware of this, should be aware of what they look like,” Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Chip Simmons warned on Monday.

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H/T Truth Monitor

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