Country Music Star Luke Bryan Makes Tragic Announcement – Fans Shocked, Devastated

Earlier this month, country music star Luke Bryan called for prayers for his baby niece Sadie Brett, who was battling an infection that affected her liver. Unfortunately, it is now being reported that baby Sadie has passed away.

Taste of Country reported that Sadie was the daughter of Bo and Ellen Boyer, on Bryan’s wife Caroline’s side of the family. Bo is reportedly Caroline’s brother, according to a representative for Bryan.

Ellen’s Facebook page states that Sadie had been dealing with internal ailments for quite some time and had been getting treatments such as dialysis. Last Thursday, Ellen wrote that they’d had the best week of the entire year. However, three days later, she called for prayers again.

“Please flood the heavens with prayers. We will not give up on our tough, brave Brett,” she wrote on Sunday night.

News of Sadie’s death began circulating on Tuesday, and that afternoon, Bryan finally broke his silence on Twitter.

“We thank all of you for your prayers. Love y’all,” he wrote.

Sadly, Bryan is no stranger to tragedy, as he lost his brother and sister in separate incidents. His late sister’s husband passed in 2014, leaving him as the caregiver to his nephew.

H/T Truth Monitor

Please send your thoughts and prayers to Bryan and his family during this tragic time!

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