English Media: National disgrace, worse than in 1950

English Media: National disgrace, worse than in 1950

Iceland is the real surprise of the European Championship in France.

After reaching the knockout stage last night Icelanders managed 2-1 to eliminate the selection of England in eight finals team that was considered the favorite before the match.

Iceland in the quarter finals of the EP would have to face off against host France, but players of Iceland after the end of last night’s match went to the stadium where they were fans and together they celebrated victory.

“The team of Hodgson was humiliated and suffered an embarrassing elimination from Euro 2016. England suffered one of najponizhuvachkite defeat in its history, after losing to Iceland. The rule of Hodgson will be remembered for the loss that can be compared only to that of the United States, the World Cup in 1950 in Belo Horizonte, “writes The Guardian.

“It was a night that most humiliate England in world football, night much worse than in 1950. However, the defeat at Nice will be eternal trauma, because it comes as the Premier League has become a global beverage industry, “wrote Paul Hayward in The Telegraph.

“Hodgson before dismissal in ignominious defeat by Iceland. England in a week dropped out of Europe “, is part of the commentary in the Mirror.

Daily Mail defeat of Iceland describes as a seismic shock for English football and added that Hodgson would be sacked after the World Cup in Brazil two years ago, when England had crossed the first phase.

“The reason why the nation is struggling to feel no empathy or connection with most of the players is their ego. Too famous, too rich, too powerful, so it looks like England, “writes Ian Herbert in The Independent.

A similar view shared by the BBC commentator, Phil Meknilti.

“The ultimate responsibility has coach, but we sin if we say that the players completely betrayed. Hodgson will take responsibility and will pay a penny, but they judged and prettplateni Premier players can not avoid criticism ”

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