Germany: There is no one injured in the cinema , liquidated only attacker

Germany: There is no one injured in the cinema, liquidated only germany attack

In the city Virhajm near Frankfurt, armed men stormed a The complex China “Kinopolis” and the shooting had suffer people.
German media speculated that the number of injured is between 25 and 50 people, but the police in the first moments not announce details or the number of injured or whether there are deaths.
Interior Minister informed that only after a major police operation, the attacker was shot.
The attack occurred at about 15 pm when gunman with a mask on his head, walked into the cinema hall and began shooting. Then took hostages while remaining closed to some of the people who watched the movie play.
The gunman threw tear gas, some of the wounded died in the stampede when trying to avoid the incident.
While police have yet to determine the motive for today’s attack, the official Berlin warned that Germany is perhaps the shock of jihadist organization Islamic state.

Officers “successively entered the cinema and were able to locate the man and the people he was holding,” Kobus told The Associated Press. “There was a threat situation and the man was then shot dead by a colleague.”
The interior minister of the German state of Hesse, Peter Beut informed that no failure citizens and that the only victim in this incident happened this afternoon is masked gunman.
-He Held hostage because he was shot, said short Beut.

Cinema employee Guri Blakaj, who was working the till at the time, said he saw an armed man at the popcorn counter and at first thought he was a customer who had come in a costume — “but then we quickly realized it was something more serious, and we lay down on the ground.”

Blakaj told n-tv television that the man told him to close the doors while holding the weapon to his head, then ordered him to go to his office and stay there. He said the man shot at a colleague but didn’t hit him.

“He seemed very confused, and was relatively young,” Blakaj said. He said he had asked the assailant whether he wanted money, and the man said he didn’t. Blakaj and colleagues stayed in an office until police arrived.

Nina Reininger, a prosecutor in nearby Darmstadt, said her office was investigating but she has no information so far on the attacker’s identity.

Prosecutors would not comment on a report in the Bild daily, which identified no sources, that investigators found an explosive belt and a hand grenade next to the assailant’s body, and that explosives experts were examining the objects.

For this case, German police said a detailed investigation leads primarily to establish the motive for the attack.

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