Queen Elizabeth Breaks Her Silence To Say THIS About Trump

Queen Elizabeth has stayed relatively quiet about Donald Trump ever since he was inaugurated. However, it came as very good news to him recently when she officially gave her royal assent to the Brexit bill that will take the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

This suggests that the Queen views Trump favorably because the Brexit campaign was closely tied to his own. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were firmly against Brexit, as they wanted the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union.

Towards the end of his presidency, Obama tried to fight Brexit by making campaign appearances against it throughout the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Trump held his own campaign events in support of Brexit, and in the end, his efforts won out over Obama’s.

Now that the Queen has given her royal assent to Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May can begin the process of enacting it. Brexit Secretary David Davis said this process will likely begin before April.

“By the end of the month, we will invoke Article 50, allowing us to start our negotiations to build a positive new partnership with our friends and neighbors in the European Union, as well as taking a step out into the world as a truly Global Britain,” he said.

“This will be a defining moment for our whole country as we begin to forge a new relationship with Europe but also a new role for ourselves in the world,” May added. “We will be a strong, self-governing, global Britain with control once again over our borders and our laws.”

H/T Truth Monitor

We’re glad to see that Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth are on the same page!

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