Solar Impulse 2 successfully flew the 11th delnica of the way around the world

Solar Impulse 2 successfully flew the 11th delnica of the way around the world

The plane Solar Impulse 2, which flies on solar power, landed Friday in the US state of Oklahoma, thrown over ja 11th stage of their historic flight around the world that began in March last year when the flight from Abu Dhabi.

Solar Impulse 2 landed in Tulsa 18 hours o takeoff from Phoenix in Arizona.

The aircraft powered by solar energy has embarked on a historic flight around the world on 8 March in Abu Dhabi. This aircraft flies with the help of solar energy from 17,000 solar panels attached to the wings with a length of 72 meters, almost identical to the “Airbus A380” in 12 stages total will fly 35,000 kilometers

Average speed of flight is between 50 and 100 kilometers per hour, the average height of 8,500 meters, and the mission will last about five months, 25 day flight so estimations plane in Abu Dhabi should be back in late July or early August.

The project to promote technology that relies on so-called clean energy Swiss Bernard Piccard and André Borshberg, co-founders and pilots of aircraft “Solar Impulse 2”, hope to complete the road where and where they presented their strategy on the flight – in Abu Dhabi.

Oklahoma was the eleventh consecutive successful last section of the road. Picard on Twitter called the 1.609 kilometers long journey “magical flight”.

So far past stages through India Majanmar, China and Japan. The plane had already set the record for the longest flight on solar energy when no landing flew almost 8,300 miles from Japan to Hawaii.

Thanks to this plane covered with solar panels and equipped with four electric motors, which can without stopping to fly for several days and nights, Picard and Boshberg will be the first that will fly over oceans and continents using only sunlight and realize their dream started twelve years ago.

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