Terrorist attack in Istanbul

In the terrorist attack at the airport “Ataturk” in Istanbul, which occurred on Tuesday night, killing 36 people and 150 injured, he told Reuters Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag. The attack was committed by three suicide bombers who detonated explosives at the entrance to the airport.

Most of the victims were Turkish citizens, but among them there are foreign nationals, Turkish officials said, without specifying from which countries are dead foreign nationals.

According to Justice Minister “one terrorist in front of the building arodromskata International Terminal, first opened fire with Kalashnikovs, and then detonated the explosives.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the attack at the airport “Ataturk”, adding that the aim of the attack was to “undermine the stability of Turkey killing innocent people.”

Erdogan told the world he expects to take “resolute stance” against terrorist groups and called for a joint struggle against terrorism.

Turkish President said that Turkey will not give up the fight against terrorism and that his country has the “strength, determination and capacity to go to the end.”

Turkish police believed to be behind suicide bombings stands Islamic state. Dogan agency quoted unnamed police sources in Istanbul that “Islamnskata state was behind the attacks,” while an unnamed security source said that it is too early to determine whether there was a link between the attack and the Islamic State.

Shooting all around himistanbul-2

Survivors who witnessed the bloody terrorist attack at the airport “Ataturk” in Istanbul,  said that all countries have seen the corpses of murdered people.

“I waited for a flight to Tokyo, when suddenly people started to run away, I just followed. I heard gunshots, “he said to AFP, Japan’s Yumi Koi.

Passenger for Oftah Muhammad Abdullah for the same agency said that she saw one of the attackers: “He had  pink scarf, jacket under which he carried the weapon out and started firing at people.”

Prior to the explosion at the airport “Ataturk”, one of the attackers began to shoot while moving toward the terminal, he told Reuters, one of the people who were at the airport.

“He shot at everything before it. He was dressed in black. His face was masked. I was 50 meters away from him. He looked around anxiously waiting to see if anyone would try to stop it, and then lift down below. We heard gunshots and then an explosion and then it was all over, “said 77-year-old South African Paul Ross.

There was shooting, fired as lightning striking and then everywhere there was only fire. Windscreen of my avotmobil skidded and the car stood in front of me is completely destroyed, “said taxi driver Fatih.

TV stations in their reports often mentioned Bakiroj and the hospital, which is located near the airport, where there were many people seeking information about loved ones.

Hospital overnight visit and Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim. He visited the wounded and the relatives of those killed their condolence.

The Turkish Prime Minister a few hours before the attack arrived at the airport “Ataturk” in Ankara.


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