Thassos GREEN PARADISE in the Aegean Sea

Thassos – GREEN PARADISE in the Aegean Sea

The island of Thassos is located in northeastern Greece. Thassos island is smaller and has a nearly perfect round shape. Even in the hottest days when everywhere is propolno with tourists, here you will find a quiet beach in any of turquoise bays. The island’s unspoiled mountain region where scattered villages unchanged by time. The whole island is covered with rich forest of black pine and Macedonian. Najshumovitiot and the nearest island is also called the “green island”. Blue sea, green forests and white marble bleskavit will provide an unforgettable experience.TASOS 2

To pass some time on the island, it is extraordinary and nice experience. But they say that if you do it the most northern and greenest Greek island of Thassos, then that experience is even stronger. Green Island, or “island of the Sirens” – as in mythology called, is today one of the most visited Greek islands. Maybe at the first meeting with him, it becomes completely clear about this. The abundance of natural beauty, seen through the beautiful beaches, hidden hollows, pine forests and lush vegetation that descends to the sea, the island makes like “Floating Forest”. Specific and vivid relief, increasingly characterized through various coastal and high mountain peaks that reach over 1,000 meters above the sea. A diameter of 25 km and the total length of the coast (about 100km) it ranks among the medium-sized Greek islands. Climate that, on the whole this natural specificity educate, stay on it even allows the warmer months makes fresh and pleasant. The capital is Limenas which is also the largest port. Good road links across the highway to Kavala, its short distance from the coast, the road to Thassos it quick and bearable. Choosing to stay in one of its biggest resorts – Limenarija, an option that will truly allow you a great holiday.

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